Hardcore Badass Has A New Name (hobo_smasher) wrote,
Hardcore Badass Has A New Name

This Wake I Myself Have Stirred

a couple of days ago i was over at my friends house.

things were going good 'til i decided to check my email, and all my friends were watching, so i decided to post a comment on someone's livejournal.

it was regarding an amateur story that they wrote.

in the past i have ridiculed it, but now i chose to ridicule those who appreciated it.
this spawned a war of words which has ended peacefully and is no longer an issue.

...but the author took this as a peace shattering action, and in retaliation he has sent his warrior (his girlfriend, of all people,) to fight a battle that, more or less, does not exist.

why is everyone so retarded?
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Alright, I dont have any bad blood with you right now, or a couple weeks ago, not even yesterday. But I didnt have my girlfriend fight any of my battles. She was just pissed off at the past comments, so she took action. I cant tell her what to do. I cant tell her what to be mad at, and what not to be mad at. Until I read my live journal, today I realized you, and my girlfriend have a few words for each other, ok, and I have to do with this b/c?

I cant help what happens, or who says what, ok?
i love how she is trying to hide her agenda from you by deleting her comments to me, what kind of relationship do you have?
he's read everything i've ever posted. now who's igorant? i'm finished fighting with you. you're not worth my time.

uhh,not having exact intel on what brad has "read" and not "read" is something i could have been understandably IGNORANT about, you, on the other hand, have no excuse for misspelling IGNORANT.

NOW WHO'S IGNORANT?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"i'm finished fighting with you. you're not worth my time."

i'd love it if you shut your bitching mouth.
When all you have to come back at me with is over a type-o... we know it's done.
fucking hypocrite...you're pathetic.

im just glad i wont have to put up with your halfassed, inane comments.