Hardcore Badass Has A New Name (hobo_smasher) wrote,
Hardcore Badass Has A New Name

This Wake I Myself Have Stirred

a couple of days ago i was over at my friends house.

things were going good 'til i decided to check my email, and all my friends were watching, so i decided to post a comment on someone's livejournal.

it was regarding an amateur story that they wrote.

in the past i have ridiculed it, but now i chose to ridicule those who appreciated it.
this spawned a war of words which has ended peacefully and is no longer an issue.

...but the author took this as a peace shattering action, and in retaliation he has sent his warrior (his girlfriend, of all people,) to fight a battle that, more or less, does not exist.

why is everyone so retarded?
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