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can anyone tell me how to get to elm street?

i have finally reached a standpoint
so alone never felt so good.

i dont need anything anymore. my knife begs to taste the blood of thousands. i AM a loner.
i dont need a wife.
i dont need friends.
i dont need to fit in.
i yearn to be the odd man out. this table for one has become bearable. i have found happiness in loneliness. i really dont need friends hanging around me all the time and bothering me. telling me their views on the other primates. how they are posers or they are so preppy. FUCK THAT.
all i need is a few friends to keep me sane. i dont care what other people think anymore. i will grow up to kill, and that is comforting.
i have found my nich...my hobby. i will kill.
my heart no longer beats to be on top. i like rock bottom. it is stable. there are only a few that will lower themselves just to be with me. those people i call friends...

i never knew there could be so much freedom in not caring what the other primates think.... i use the word primates for obvious reasons. i feel that trying to fit in and trying to be "COOL" is just like trying to fit in the tribe. i am an outsider for a reason. i love to be alone. thats why i dwell on it. i could never get married or be popular...because i would have to put on a show so my spouse or followers would think im stable or sane...and that is just something im not.

i am free and nothing else.
my heart is black.

Hobo Smasher
happily unhinged
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