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My Darkest Hour...

Hello Everyone.
Today is just like everyday.
my life to everyone else is quite insignificant.
but for some...they might believe that i live a normal life for a person my age...No Way.

I seriously have nothing going for me.

I never see my friends. I'll never find love. I'm very hideous. I have no talents. I try to make people laugh, but i just end up making myself look like a fool...not in a good way either.... in the kinda way that you are feel sorry for someone so you hang out with them... but its not touching... its just pathetic. i am pathetic.
too bad i'm gonna waste a perfect mind. too bad im a complete waste of air. i should just give up all together. my life is pointless now. i would die to live a love-filled life. too bad im just living to die.

I wished someone lived to see my face.
I guess it is just tough to know in my mind that no one will need me as much as I need them. I see so much beauty in this world, but i feel so much pain.

My life IS pointless.
I have probably live one of the hardest lives ever... and im not even sixteen. I wasnt allowed to have a childhood. I dont even know why i am posting this. its not like i will be remembered after my death. nobody even pays attention to me. they see me and it makes them feel better about themselves. I want to destroy in the worst way. i guess you could say i see beauty in causing destruction. I wish someone would help me out. a pat on the a back goes a long way.
its just too damn bad that there will never be anyone else like me so no one could understand to the full extent what makes me tick. i dont even know. i guess i am powered on insanity and love.
yes. i do love. but my love is broken. my heart is bleeding.
i guess this build my character. it gives me strength. i guess it goes back to that saying.... try walking even a foot in my shoes, you would die trying...
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