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why cant i get a damn break



oh...sorry... i am soo overwhelmed!

i have been up since 01:30 am this morning. it really is a long story and i guess i will tell it for the fabric of reality is breaking up. i have proof it is. i am so sleep deprived that i am hearing childrens laughter and i noticed something really creepy.
i have too dogs. one is female--name baby--had it for three years
and one is male--name otis--had for two years. they are brother and sister and their names are baby and otis. damn! that sounds familiar. oh, now i have it. has anyone seen house of 1000 corpses?
there was a murderous brother and sister named baby and otis.
i am telling you people... i named those dogs WAY before that movie came out.

i think yes.

alright. now to the reason i am overwhelmed.
i have a shitload of homework and its not like it will just do itself so i have been working on it vigerously. but every ten minutes my stupid mother makes me do something pointless like get her a coke or turn a light out that she is standing right becide and she is basicly touching it but she has to act like it is a power stuggle if she has to do something for her lazy-ass self.
i have to do everything for that bitch. she is driving me insane and with my average of 5 hours of sleep a night, the fabic of reality is disolving before my very eyes. also... i have developed a nervous twitch and if i ever have to get her a pillow or take out the dogs twice in a row just because she didnt see it the first time... i will leave... i will call children's sevices and get an actual caring family that treats family like a team where everyone does their part and people can get some sleep.

the overworked underrested hobosmasher
please free me from my cage.
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